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John W. Peck,     

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Dear Friends,

     I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported me in last nights election.

No election is won by the candidate but rather the support of good people who have an interest

in what is best for their community.

     I am humbled by the show of support that I have received and vow to continue to work to

the best of my ability to protect the citizens of our community from those who commit crimes

and to seek justice for victims.

     It has been my honor to serve Westmoreland County and look forward to the next four years

as your District Attorney.


With sincere thanks, John W. Peck


From the Facebook page of Joy Daugherty Burkholder: (Sister of Jennifer Daugherty) Posted 10/31/2013

A long time ago, back when Jennifer was first murdered people would ask if there was something they could do for either my family or me. I'm going to take you all up on that now. There is something that you can do. On November 5th, 3 days before Jennifer's birthday, please go to the voting poll and be sure to vote for 2 very, very important people in our lives.

The first is Kenneth Bacha. He's our county coroner, with numerous years of experience, unlike his opponent. He's also the guy who transported Jennifer after her murder. He offered his sympathy to us and told me he wanted us to know that his team treated her with respect during their time with her. Considering everything that we were going through at that point, those words meant so much to us and still do.

The second is a man I've come to admire and respect deeply. John Peck is the District Attorney that has been convicting Jennifer's murderers. He isn't just good at what he does, he's the best. So far he has 2 death row and 1 life conviction for Jennifer's justice. It's critical not just for us but all of Westmoreland county that John retains his place as DA. He has a proven track record, his office is a well oiled machine and most importantly he has the experience and drive to be the best choice for our county.

Please, vote Bacha and Peck on November 5th!

Thank you all so much!!!




Congratulations John


On July 27th, 2013 John was inducted into the Pennsylvania Police Hall of Fame. John was the only inductee this year, and only the third District Attorney selected to be inducted.  Some of Johns notable achievements that helped him earn this honor were his numerous years as District Attorney, and his 98 percent conviction rate. A full article about John's induction can be found here